A recent Wall Street Journal article was talking about how builders are changing their tactics to sell more new homes. They are streamlining their operation, holding prices down, standardizing window sizes and floor plans, and building the homes in less time, some in as few as 99 days in order to beat the April 30th deadline for those wanting to qualify for the federal tax credit. The NAHB forecasts that new home sales will jump 38% to 517,000 this year as the economy improves. This is good news for the builder!

Does this mean it’s all rosy sailing from here on in? No, of course not. We still have to position ourselves to ride out the ups and downs that are in our future. What can you do now to ride it out?

  1. Exercise damage control: Do what it takes to sell it now as the builders above are doing.
  2. Paint, punch out, polish: Cleanliness is next to godliness where the buyer is concerned.
  3. Carpet, drape & duco: Put some goodies in up front.
  4. Add to the home’s value: Keep the pot boiling with special promotions.
  5. Run target word ads: Classified ads can reach a target market.
  6. Schedule bonuses: Let your sales staff profit from a fast sale.
  7. Furnish or vignette: Small space furnishing can warm up the home.
  8. Offer buyer incentives: Utilize value-added promotions.
  9. Landscape & fence: Give them a head start on the yard and they’ll buy faster!
  10. Energize referrals: Ask for the referral sale at every opportunity.

You need to present your home as the best value for the best price. “Why buy used and deal with other people’s dirt and decay when you can buy new? That used home may look like a bargain in price now, but what will the expense be to fix all the problems and bring it up to the quality you desire? Forget the hassle and buy your brand new dream home with us!”

Deal with the present, look to the future. Good times are coming!