Leadership. Everyone is in a leadership position whether you have the official role in your company or not. We all lead by our lives, by our example. What is your example telling those looking at you? Does your example broadcast negative or positive energy?

Leadership is a sacred trust because those following are trusting that you really do know what you are doing and where you are going. Where you are leading your followers? And whether you believe it or not, you do have followers. We all have followers. These are the co-workers who notice your attitude when you walk into the office, or the customer touring your homes.

If you walk into the office with a frown and a mumbled greeting, you have just brought down the atmosphere a few degrees. If someone else walks in with a grumpy attitude, then it becomes a bit colder in the office. What is the customer going to feel when they walk in? Perhaps it is too cold inside to even bother going through the models.

Leadership is responsibility. Responsibility for the direction and route to the goal. You want to take your customers on the safest (and funnest) route to a completed contract.

So, what do you need to keep in mind? Number One – a positive mental attitude.

Everyone has bad days. Let’s not make a party about it. You be the encouraging, upbeat point in the day that lifts others’ spirits and moods.

Number Two – Persistence. Regardless of what the day throws at you, you are determined not only to be positive, but to win through it.

The stormy weather has caused tremendous damage to the sales center and the models and you have a scheduled presentation in one hour. How are you going to handle it with positive energy?

The mortgage company has demanded additional information right before closing, which was to take place in three hours, and the needed information is in a locked storage shelter and the shelter owner is on a cruise. How will your positive mental attitude and persistence win through this scenario?

Number Three – Honest feedback. To be the best you can be, you have to have honest people around you who are willing to tell you when you’ve blown it or where you need to improve. That means you must be open and accepting of the correction. If no feedback is forthcoming, then you ask questions of someone whose opinion and expertise you value.

“What can I do to improve my presentation?”
“How can I better handle objections or negativity from a customer?”
“What do I need to do in order to reach that next level of expertise?”
“Concerning my people interaction, where do I need to sharpen my skills?”

Good leadership is a constantly evolving process of self-awareness, others awareness, accurate information, and a destination.

Where and how are you leading your followers?