It is amazing to read the same news story at different sites. Each site will have a different slant. Last week I read a story about home construction. One site talked about the low housing starts and gave you the impression that it was all bad news, “glass half empty” kind of talk. Another site, reporting on the same news story, gave it an upbeat “glass half full” kind of spin. I guess it is in all how you want to view your world.

What this world needs now is a large dose of “positive mental attitude.” We are tired of being in the dumps and hearing depressing news. We need to feel the sunshine and see the blue sky. How much sunshine are you spreading in your workplace?

Few people can be successful without a positive mental attitude. It is the synergistic force that moves mountains. It is the motivator of men and women, rich and poor, humble and great. it is the energy that overcomes most obstacles. Positive mental attitude, or PMA, should be the middle initials of every sales manager and salesperson in the housing industry. There is an old saying that “there is nothing as old as yesterday’s sales report.” Sales people are in the crucible and under the gun every single dan and every week and every month of the year. There is never room for letdown nor is there cause for euphoria. Sales is a pressure job and that is why pressure players produce. They thrive on that pressure. To work best in this environment, the sales pro must be positive and lead others to that charisma of positive thinking. The power of “yes I can” far exceeds the mealy mouth sidestep of “I think I can.” PMA is the soul of movers and shakers. You must have a positive mental attitude which exudes enthusiasm! Smile, laugh, and sing a little. It’s a great day and you’re going to sell a home.

A positive mental attitude moves mountains.

A positive mental attitude attracts buyers like bees to honey.

A positive mental attitude is a championship attitude, the zest, the zeal of winning!

A positive mental attitude is the oil in the machine or the leavening in the cake.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” W.W. Ziege

How are you viewing your world? Is your glass half empty or half full. You are the only one with the power to give the answer to that question.