Green Rat SnakeOdd things happen! It seems a snake crawled into a transformer and somehow caused power to be cut to 10,000 homes. How do you prevent something like that from happening? Obviously no one even thought about protecting the power station from a snake.

Odd things happen in sales too. The contract is set to be written at 2 p.m. That morning, the couple happen to meet a competing salesperson at the store who convinces them to see her homes. Yep, that sure sale just faded away. This is only good if YOU happened to be the salesperson in the store. Odd things happen both ways.

How do you take the negative “odd” out of the sales process, at least as much as you can?

  1. First and foremost, make sure you have created a true one-of-a-kind – the one right home on the one right home site with the one right financing terms and the one right timetable. If all the “one rights” are not in place, then it will be very easy for the odd snake to slither in and cut power to your sale.
    And, how do you find the one-of-a-kind? By asking questions, lots and lots of questions. You ask questions about interests, hobbies, family, lifestyle, work, dreams, expectations, housing experience, timing, must-haves, etc. Questions will help you find what kind of home the prospects are searching for. Questions will help you narrow down all the possibilities into that special “one” just for them. Keep asking questions until you get there.
  2. Next, confirm you’ve created the one-of-a-kind by asking, “Can you see yourself living here in this lovely home?” If the answer is “yes,” proceed.
  3. Now, ask the closing question. Don’t let this golden opportunity get away from you. Ask for the order.
  4. All that’s left to do now is write the paperwork and obtain the check.
  5. To add a cherry on top, ask for referrals. Keep asking for referrals several times a year. Most referrals are not given until after move in, so keep asking.

I’ve told the following story before, but I love it. It shows how an “odd” way of looking at things can reap a harvest of benefit.

Buddy was number one on the sales staff and had been three years running. He was six sales ahead of his arch rival, Vern, with just three days left to the end of the year. He was so sure of winning the sales contest, he went on vacation.

Buddy didn’t take into account Vern’s creative determination.

Vern called every possible prospect and told them he was in a “life and death” contest and asked if they would buy from him this year instead of next year.

On New Year’s Eve, Vern’s hard work had created a traffic jam at the project. Prospects were all over the place. Vern’s wife was helping with the paperwork. A young framer was directing traffic. Vern’s friends were providing the holding action, and Vern was madly writing contracts.

Vern ended that night with ten solid contracts. That’s four more than Buddy. Imagine Buddy’s surprise when he returned from his vacation ready to deposit the $10,000 cash prize into his bank account only to find the money was already in Vern’s account.

Well, here’s the point of the story: leave an opening in your sales process, and sure enough, a little snake can slither in and create a black out. Oops, there goes your sale! All the best laid plans cannot bring it back!