House Under ConstructionDo you ever look at companies like Nike and Apple and wonder how they managed to create such passion with their customers? People will stand in line for hours waiting for opening time just to be able to grab the latest Nike shoe. A while ago, Nike had to delay the release of its “Foamposit” shoe because of riots and near riots outside the stores. And, I’m sure you’ve noticed that when Apple gets ready to release a new iPhone or iPad, lines are beginning to form.

How can we in the housing industry build such passionate devotion to our product?

Obviously, the first step is to have a product worthy of such devotion. Builders, you must build a home that is tops in quality construction. You must make sure that every step in the construction process from preparing the pad to installing that last lightbulb has excellence written all over it.

Quality will cost more upfront, but it is on the backend that you will be richly rewarded with referrals and customer devotion.

My assistant once bought a home that was constructed with steel framing. She didn’t have to worry about warping boards or low-grade lumber. That home was built to last. If she could find another steel frame home builder, she’d buy from them in a heartbeat. It is the quality of the home that brings people back.

So, step number one – Build a top quality home with excellent materials and excellent craftsmen. You don’t want to use the tradespeople who work on volume. Too many times I’ve seen homes built where construction quality was shaved to save a few bucks. Nails are used in drywall instead of screws so you end up with popping nails. Studs are not placed squarely every 16 inches so you end up with warped walls. Quality is what will bring customers in and bring them back.

Step number two – Sales people must connect and bond with their prospects – REALLY connect. A connection can guarantee your prospects won’t buy elsewhere. Connection is defined as a relationship or association. Greet the prospects with sincere interest. Listen intently to their message, verbal and unspoken. Utilize feedback to gain a clear picture of what they are saying. Build the rapport with empathy, trust, credibility, confidence, and control. The quality of a sales pro’s interactions with the customers makes a huge difference in a company’s bottom line.

Step number three – The sales process must be focused and accountable. You can have the best product and the most liked sales staff, but if you don’t wrap it all together into a process to complete the sale, then it’s all for naught. Don’t ever assume the prospect will ask you for the sale. That is the job of the sales professional. ASK FOR THE SALE! In a nutshell:

  • Meet, greet, and bond with the prospect.
  • Connect with the prospect on an emotional level.
  • Discover the needs, wants, and desires of the prospect.
  • Demonstrate why your product is perfect for the prospect.
  • Handle any questions, concerns, or objections you encounter.

To build passion in our customers, we have to have a top quality product, top quality sales staff, and a top quality, proven sales process. The lower ranks of mediocre are very crowded. There is plenty of room at the top for quality. That is where you need to be!