I was sitting at my desk plowing through the never-ending pile of paperwork when it struck me how easy it is to get stuck in a rut concerning how we do our work. This report is the same report I’ve done hundreds of times before. This issue is the same issue I’ve dealt with many, many times before. How do we get out of our rut and see the world differently?

This dilemma reminded me of Sally, who saw her world with fresh eyes and thus created a fabulous opportunity for herself.

Sally noticed an Orange Julius  vendor in Southern California who marketed to employees of the giant TRW Systems Company. He sold his Orange Julius drinks from a small, nondescript soft drink stand right at the entrance and exit to the plan. Sally, an enterprising new home salesperson, thought since he was right in the main stream of traffic when the shift workers entered or left the plant, what a great place to put her brochures. So, she visited the Orange Julius man and asked if he would put her brochures on his counter and motivate people to visit her homes. She would stamp his and her names on the brochures and reward him when a sale was made. What kind of reward would make him happy?

The Orange Julius man thought for a moment and then said, “Well, don’t tell my wife, but from time to time I like to take a little nip of Vodka with my Orange Julius.”

So, Sally, the prospecting pro, said that every time a prospect arrived with her  brochure in hand and they bought a home, she would bring over a bottle of vodka. “What’s your favorite brand?”

“Smirnoff” was the answer.

Now Sally said, “I won’t bring you just a fifth of vodka, I’ll bring you a half-gallon. How does that sound?”

“That’s the best deal I’ve heard all day,” and the motivated Orange Julius man went to work.

A year later, the Orange Julius stand had generated fourteen sales to that enterprising sales professional and she had reciprocated with fourteen half-gallons of vodka! Rumor has it the Orange Julius man was the happiest vendor in Southern California.

What is your Orange Julius opportunity? As for me, this next report is an opportunity to motivate a builder to change his emphasis which will result in a better trained staff, which leads to more sales for the builder, which leads to a growing economy, which leads to a more healthy housing industry, which leads to a stronger United States of America. I am changing the face of the United States of America by this report!